Frequently Asked Questions

A bot is a series of automated conversations that can answer common questions from your customers over Facebook Messenger. This could be to explain what your product or service does, gather information about the customer, deliver helpful content, or nurture them towards a sale.

Our bots allow you to automatically welcome new users, send them content, schedule messages, respond to specific keywords, and much more.

Every day it’s becoming harder to reach your audience. People open less email and social media is so noisy your organic reach is often less than 10% of your audience. Facebook Messenger bots solve this problem by providing personalized and automated conversations with your customers. It is real-time, interactive, and has 80% open rates.

You’ll need an existing Facebook Page and administrator rights to manage it. After that click on the “Get Started Free” button at the top of the page.
While you need a Facebook Page to get started, Your Cheifbot bot is not restricted to just customers on your Facebook page. Anywhere your customers can click a link – your Website, in an email, on a QR code, etc., you can launch your Cheifbot bot and start a conversation.

Yes! We designed Our Website to be beginner friendly. We have tons of Documents and video tutorials to help you get started.

We have a lot of features but we can classify these into 5 types. Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, Messenger Marketing, Ecommerce and Social Media Automations. Get started for free to get hands-on knowledge of how our app can help you – we also encourage you to watch our tutorials inside.

Using our platform is absolutely safe and legal! We’re just leveraging on the open APIs of different Social Networking sites, nothing that breaks the rules.

Of course. Through your dashboard, you can easily manage messenger bots, ecommerce stores, social media campaigns, view statistical reports and a lot more to maximize what we can offer!

Definitely you can unsubscribe with us anytime and may continue to use your current package until it expires.